Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"blue and white...bulldogs fight"

Obviously, we spend a lot of time around football practices and games. Ezri's eyes are always on the cheerleaders ("cheerdears" as she calls them). This past week the Ellensburg High School cheer team hosted a mini cheer camp and of course Ezri was thrilled to get to be a part of it. She couldn't wait to learn cheers and was especially excited about seeing Butch the bulldog! So on Thursday afternoon we spent a good deal of time picking out the perfect outfit to wear to cheer camp...she was so exited! They practiced from 4-7pm, which was way too long for the little ones, but Ezri was a trooper! She learned a dance and a cheer!
Friday night we got bundled up in our warm, bulldog colored clothes, and headed to the game. Ezri wanted to sit with all the mini-cheerleaders in their little reserved section. Eden and I sat close, but were far enough away for Ezri to feel like a big girl! At half time the girls found their leaders and lined up to perform...I've never seen so many cute little girls! As the girls walked out on the field, they were mobbed by parents with camera's and I have to admit my parents and I were at the front of the pack! Ezri remembered a few of her moves and was great at shaking her pom poms! I know I'm a little partial, but she was so cute! Her highlight of the evening was getting her picture with Butch! We drove home from the game cheering "here we go bulldogs, here we go!"

I don't know, Daddy might have to adjust to being a cheer parent...hee...hee!

Friday, September 26, 2008

feeling blessed

Yesterday was my birthday...27...each year closer to 30 gets a little harder to believe. But, regardless I was blessed by my family and friends! Not that I expect or feel I deserve gifts or to be fussed over, but there is nothing more uplifting than to know that you are loved by some amazing people! My sweet husband sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and of course remembered my favorites- gerbera daisies! My parents sent flowers too, and my awesome brother and sis sent a hilarious e-card and had a gift certificate waiting at my parents house. I had lots of great phone calls with friends. Levi still has more planned for Saturday, which is more than necessary, but I love the way he makes me feel so cherished! For me, it wasn't about the gifts but to just feel so overwhelmed by the blessings the Lord has placed in my life! So I guess what I want to say is thank you to all of the incredible people in my life for letting me share in yours! I love you more than you know!

Lord, thank you for the gift of fellowship, friendship and family! Thank you that we can experience your heart through relationships!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The month is coming to a close and I've been bad about keeping up with posting. We ended the month of August with a bang by finally purchasing our house...we're so excited! We spent more time than anyone should at the Kittitas County Fair, checking out the animals, eating too much, and riding the rides with Ezri. Now that school has started for both Levi and Ezri we are getting into the swing of a little bit busier lifestyle. Ezri is loving school and can't wait to go, we've been so proud of her as she shares with us bits about her time! I'm enjoying my time with Eden while big sis is at school. Eden is quite the comedian and keeps us laughing. She has 6 teeth now and a big toothy smile. Eden loves to climb so I can't keep her out of my sight for very long...she usually ends up standing on the girls' little rocking chair...ever our little dare devil! Each day its seems the girls are becoming closer and closer...we love the friendship we see evolving between the two of them! September has also brought fun times with friends, a few family nights together, time with grandparents, lots of bike rides with Mama, making new friends with insects (specifically Esa the praying mantis), and lots of football.

This week we had our first Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meeting. We had about 25 kids over for dinner, Levi shared a short message, and we played some Wii and a little DDR! We are praying that the Lord will continue to draw kids in and that He will make himself know through EHS athletes! Last weekend I also got to have some special time with my grandparents (Baba and Didi). The girls and I went over with Nana, so we could learn how to knit and just have some time together. Our time was sweet! I love spending time with Baba and Didi and the time I had with Baba learning to knit will forever be a cherished memory!

Check out our slide show below...there are some photo's from our life this past month!

September Happenings

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"see...I've got my tears on"

Ezri and Eden are playing in the playroom. Ezri has horded a ridiculous amount of toys in the hallway. She says she's playing with Eden, but really she's just guarding her stash. Eden is trying to grab a my little pony and Ezri has Eden by the waste. Eden in screaming in a frustrated tone, while Ezri is yelling in the whiniest voice possible..."Sister No!"

I tell Ezri she has enough ponies that she needs to give Eden one!

Ezri runs into her room yelling "It's all my fault...see Mama I'm crying."

I say "Ezri you need to come here it's important that we share with Sis, and I don't see any tears."

Ezri runs back into the playroom, making her best sad face, minus tears and says in a sassy little voice "See mama...I've got my tears on!" and then stomps back into her room!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Just wanted to share a piece of what keeps me entertained all day with my sweet girls! As you know Ezri has quiet the imaginative little mind. Here is some of what I heard today:

Ezri yelling to Eden in the playroom while I was doing dishes...
"Shima, Shima, Shima you really need to stop wiggling out of my legs! Shima, I mean it!"
Eden is squealing and yelling, but Ezri continues. "Shima, Shima, it's okay!" I hear Eden trying to escape the playroom, and as her face pops around the corner, Ezri comes running out as well to say "Mama, I calmed her down! I burped her and made her stop crying!" By now Eden has almost made it to me in the kitchen. Ezri grabs Edens legs and starts to pull her back to the playroom saying "Listen, it's really important..." At this point Mom had to intervene.

Ezri talking to me during lunch today...
"Mom, that's an a-choe-pie-pie." I ask what and a-choe-pie-pie might be and she says "Mom, and a-choe-pie-pie is the middle of a flower" and points to the flowers on the table! Who knew, I am constantly educated by my sweet little sunshine!

Ezri praying before bed...
"Dear Jesus, you are the Father that lives in our hearts. You made Mommy and Daddy. They were babies, but they growed up and now they are Mommy and Daddy! Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Sissy! I love you Amen! Mommy I love you!" I thought my heart would melt!

Ezri singing a night-time song...
"A rose, a rose, a choo choo choo, a rose, a rose, a choo choo choo." One of Ezri's many made-up serenades at bedtime...I love listening to her sing!

Friday, September 5, 2008

walking hand in hand

I was really encouraged by this today and thought I'd share...it's today's passage out of Jesus Calling...a daily devotional written by Sarah Young.

"I am your best friend, as well as your king. Walk hand in hand with Me through your life. Together we will face whatever each day brings: pleasures, hardships, adventures, disappointments. Nothing is wasted when it is shared with Me. I can bring beauty out of the ashes of lost dreams. I can glean Joy out of sorrow, Peace out of adversity. Only a Friend who is the King of kings could accomplish this divine alchemy. There is no other like Me!

The friendship I offer you is practical and down-to-earth, yet it is saturated with heavenly glory. Living in My Presence means living in two realms simultaneously: the visible world and unseen, eternal reality. I have equipped you to stay conscious of Me, while walking along dusty, earthbound paths."

school...off and running

It's so hard for Levi and I to believe, but Ezri had her 1st day of school yesterday! She woke up with a little cold, but was not going to let a runny nose stop her from her 1st morning at Jack and Jill's House! Ezri picked out her outfit (a pink skirt, with a shirt that said "sweet sunshine" so appropriate), she told me how to fix her hair, and in spite of being groggy couldn't get the smile off her face! When Eden and I dropped her off she hung her coat and backpack up in her cubby, found her name and placed it on the board for attendance, then was off to play! She is a kid that loves to learn and thrives when a part of any social setting! You could see that she felt like a big girl, I love her confidence!

Eden and I had a great time together at home...I think that's what kept the tears from coming when I dropped Ezri off! It was great to have three hours of one-on-one time with Eden! She is becoming such a little comedian and had me laughing with silly faces she was making at me!

At 11:30 we went and picked up Sister! It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen...all the kids were lined up on the porch of the preschool, backpacks on ready to be picked up by moms and dads! Ezri kept saying "Preschool is so much fun, Mama!" I'm so thrilled she enjoyed it so much...she's counting the days until Tuesday, when she goes again!