Thursday, December 10, 2009

my love

My best friend, my better half, my true Levi. We've had a wonderful week of Daddy being home right after school, now that football is over. I didn't realize how much I missed having him home in the evenings, to play with girls, to tell about my day, to make dinner with me, and just be together - as a family! When he's here home feels like home, I have more peace. I am so blessed by him...he truly is super Daddy/husband. He jumps-in in all arenas...laundry, dinner, bath time, whatever is needed. I appreciate him more than he will ever know! But what I love the most is the way he loves me and the girls. He makes us feel cherished and treasured. I feel so thankful that the girls have his example of a fathers love; that they will compare the way Daddy love them to the way God loves them; that they will look for a husband that treasures them the way Daddy does. Thank you Lev for being our "home" and for the way you love make life joyful! I love you!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Ezri!

Today is Ezri's 5th birthday. Five, really? I can't believe that our baby girl is that old, when they say kid's grow up too fast, it's really no joke. She's flown through babyhood, jumped past toddling, and has blossomed into this sweet, joyful little girl!

Treasured beyond measure, I can't imagine our family without Ezri Shannon! All week I've been flashing back to the week we welcomed her home. A week over due and so ready to have my precious babe in my arms, but December 4th she came in Ezri form...dramatically after hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing. At 7:01 am, weighing in at 7lbs 7oz, our precious girl made her appearance. Eyes wide, without any yelling or crying, she laid on my tummy just looking at Levi and I. A girl...really...we just figured we'd have boys! All I could think of, looking in those deep, little blue eyes was God's perfection. He knew we needed this little angle.

Our ray of sunshine, at age 5 today, is a precious big sister. Always looking out for and thinking of Eden...she even let Sissy help open her gifts this morning. Such buddies they are. Ezri loves school and is quit the social bug. She's really into dancing and singing and I can't get over her creative little brain. She's always making up songs, to her own tunes, that rhyme and have a story line...a poet or song writer someday maybe? She loves snuggling and probably tells all three of us she loves us 20 times a day! She's my little helper and her favorite thing to do with Daddy is dance...most commonly in the evenings you'll find us Teasley's having a dance party. A girly-girl to the T, Ezri wants to be in dresses, wearing pink or purple, playing something princess related. She's super into cheerleaders, considering all the football games we attend and watch, and have I mentioned dramatic. This little one is full of emotion, when she's sad and upset there's no denying it, when she's happy it's contagious! But have I mentioned joyful? I'm so proud of this little one and so thankful the Lord has entrusted her into our care!

Happy Birthday Ezri Shannon! Momma and Daddy love you beyond measure and we will never fully be able to tell you how much that is! Thank you for lighting up our life, for helping us to see who God designed us to be through your touch in our life! You bring insurmountable joy into our house! We love the beautiful little girl God has designed you to be! Thank you for the way you love your little Eden, how you compromise to make her happy, how you help her, and play with her! Treasure her friendship forever, it's a gift from the Lord! Lord, we pray that over this next year you would bless Ezri. That Father you would cover her in your protection, that you would continue to draw her heart toward you! That as she starts Kindergarten next fall, she is confident in the little girl you've made her to be. We pray over her friendships Lord, that you would bless them and give Ezri genuine friends that can play well together and can encourage each other. Continue to bless Ezri and Eden, thank you for the way they love each other and help their relationship to keep growing! Lord, Ezri is such a gift from you, she blesses us each day! Help Levi and I to be the parents you made us to be for her. Give us grace and patience and help our actions to direct her towards you! Lord we love this little angle so much and help her to know that without a doubt! Amen!

We love you precious girl! Happy Day today!