Monday, January 19, 2009

uncle nolly

Levi's brother Nolan (Uncle Nolly as Ezri calls him) and his girlfriend Morgan came over for a visit this weekend! We hadn't seen them since the end of November because of the weather! We celebrated a belated Christmas, had a movie night, played at the gym, and just really enjoyed time together! Morgan, my Mom, Levi's Mom, and I escaped to a movie while the guys watched the play-off games! We had a great time with them! Nolan and Morgan have special place in the girls hearts and Ezri was counting the minutes for them to arrive! We love Morgan and are so thankful she's in Nol's life and ours! We've been laughing because Ezri is kind of "putting the pressure" on Nol...she's asked if she can be in their wedding and when they're getting married, and all of the above questions a little princess might come up with! Thanks for the fun weekend you two!

christmas 2008...finally

I'm finally getting around to posting about our Christmas break after almost a month! Levi had a really long break this year and it was so nice having him around for such a concentrated period of time! The girls were so sad to see him go back to work...I think we have finally recovered. It was hardest on Eden...she walked around looking for Dada the first couple days.

Anyhow, the girls and I started off our break making Christmas cookies with Nana, while Levi and Pops went Christmas shopping in Yakima (those two are trouble when left to themselves)!! We spent a lot of time at home and enjoyed playing in the snow and visiting with neighbors and friends! We were able to spend a some time with our good friends Tyson and Tracy and their little one Kai, who are heading to Peru for the next two years in February! We are going to miss them but so excited as the take on this new adventure. You can check out their blog below to see where the Lord is taking them (Smiths "Ram" Page)!

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Levi's family at Jamma's house, after going to church. The Christmas Eve service was super special to me this year because my brother and sister and Dad all did music for the service and Dad gave his testimony! It was so special to hear the way the Lord has moved his heart over the years and such a gift to us to hear him share so openly about his faith! We had a great dinner and opened presents and then Ezri was anxious to get home to leave cookies for Santa! Once the girls were asleep and Santa and the Reindeer had snacks and a note left out, "Santa" went to work putting together the girls play kitchen they had asked for. It only took around 2 hours, much better than the 6 the store had told us it would take! I love Christmas Eve, talking about why we are celebrating, anticipating the joy of the morning and thinking about the true gift the Lord has given us... our reason for celebrating! Ezri really enjoyed talking about Jesus' Birthday this year and we spent many an afternoon playing Mary and baby Jesus! (I'm so upset because all of our pictures I down loaded from Christmas Eve and the first part of break are no where to be found and no longer on the sad)!
Christmas morning arrived and Ezri woke up around 7:00 (which most of you know is early in our house)! She came running out and then went straight back to her room...Levi joined her and she whispered to Daddy "there's are really big present out there!" Levi and I had so much fun watching the girls open their presents and Ezri had a truly thankful heart, which we appreciated!

Our parents joined us at our house for Christmas breakfast, which was really fun and a tradition we hope to continue! We had Christmas dinner at my parents house with most of the Fevergeon crew! Ezri and Eden had fun playing with cousins and Levi's Mom and Grandma were with us also! After dinner we got cozy and watched Walle! We had a truly special day and really enjoyed being surrounded by our loved ones (we were missing Nolan and Morgan though, who were such on the other side of the pass)!

We had a day to recover and then headed up to the my parents cabin in Cle Elum for a few days! There was so much snow! We had a great time playing outside! I love being up's such a special place, full of so many memories...there is nothing like being up there when the snow is falling! Matty and Anna were up there with us along with Anna's brothers! It was so fun to have time with them and Levi loved getting some snowboarding in with them on the hills around the cabin!

We finished out the break just enjoying each other at home and we celebrated New Years with some friends, ringing in in the new year Eastern time! Levi enjoyed getting to be home for all the play-off games and we were able to catch up with friends we hadn't seen in a while! All in all we started off the New Year with full hearts after such a nice break home together!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ezri's post

Ezri wanted to write her own post on our it is

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Ezri was telling everyone about her time with Momma today...coloring and playing!

...the last m&m

ezri and i have been sitting together coloring in a coloring book, eating m&m's while sister is napping. the phone rang...after answering ezri handed me the last m&m in the bowl. when i hung the phone up, she said she saved the last one for me! my heart is full...i guess m&m's not only melt in your mouth, but they can melt your heart!

(christmas pic's to come, i just haven't had enough time to sort through them all!)