Sunday, November 14, 2010

eden is 3

every year as the girls birthday's approach, i wonder where has the year gone. why does time fly so fast when you want to freeze every moment (or a least most moments). i'm truly blown away that our sweet little joy, eden joAnna is now 3. the age her big sis was when we met her...

we made the most of eden's actual birthday after celebrating with friends on halloween. eden and i had a special momma-daughter date while ezri was at school. we had yummy smoothies and she picked out a special movie and outfit at the store. we picked sis up from school and met daddy for a quick snack. when daddy got home from practice, we went to dinner at the roadhouse. it was conveniently tuesday and tuesday's at the roadhouse are all about eat free and hugh the balloon man comes! we had a great dinner and a complementary birthday ice cream sunday! when we came home, eden got to open her birthday gift from momma, daddy, and big sister...eden got her very own "american girl" doll (our generation doll from target) just like ezri. her name is lily anna and it was so fun watching the girls get so excited about playing with their dolls together! it was a wonderful day! the girls went to sleep with their dolls in jammies sleeping next to them! (sorry for the picture below, our camera is not happy these days)

at age 3, our eden joAnna is bubbly, funny, energetic and sweet. she's still in the 75% for her height and weight and starting to stretch out a little. she makes us laugh whenever she can, but has the gentlest little touch and a very sensitive spirit. she is her big sisters shadow and looks up to ezri in the most precious way...they truly are best friends! she loves coloring and creating, dancing, pretending of all kinds, playing with dolls and anything small...especially pet shops! she wants to be going to school so badly, and walks into sunday school and tuesday morning bible study childcare without hesitation because she's going to class like big sister! it's been so special having her to myself in the mornings while ezri is at school. i get to see a whole new side of her without sister around. she gets lost in imaginative play and is so creative, she's really excited about learning how to cut with scissors and put puzzles together. she is such a talker and quite the storyteller. the main character in all her stories is her "gwampa." she talks with the most adorable lisp, and has a cute little "helium" voice as my mom calls it! she's very tough and brave...she volunteered to get her flu shot before big sister and didn't even cry, but needs a band-aid for any kind of bump or ouch regardless of the location. she has the most precious prayers, and is always thankful for her sister and something silly and random like cheeseburgers.
our precious eden, we are so proud of you and the beautiful little girl that you are! you bless our family everyday and we love you beyond measure. you are a kind friend and a loving sister! your smile lights up a room and your laugh is contagious-one of the best sounds in the world! eden as you step into the next year ahead, we pray that the Lord would cover you in his protection. that he would guard you and keep you safe. we pray that you would continue to grow in your love for Jesus and always have a heart that is open to him. that you would continue to have wonderful friends around you to play with and grow with. Lord we ask that you would continue to bless eden's relationship with ezri and their bond as sisters would never be broken. Lord we thank you for eden's sweet and gentle spirit, continue to grow that in her so that she can share who you are with others. Father we pray that eden would desire to be obedient to you and continue to be filled with the contagious joy that you have given her. help us to be the parents you designed for eden to have, bless her and hold her tight in you arms Father! Jesus thank you for our precious baby girl! Amen!

eden's 3rd birthday party and halloween

our sweet baby girl turned 3 on november 2nd. wow! so hard to believe!
we had a very special birthday celebration with our amazing small group on halloween! our small group (which should really be called a large group), with kiddo's decked out in adorable costumes, came for pizza, crafts, and of course cupcakes! eden wanted a tinkerbell themed party, so the kids made fairy wands, decorated candy bags for trick-or-treating, and went on a hunt for captain hooks hidden treasure. after all the birthday celebrating, all 14 kids and families headed down the road for mob-style trick-or-treating! we had so much fun celebrating our baby girl and we are so blessed by amazing friends!
the girls wore the dresses they picked out from our trip to disneyland in june (yet to be blogged about)...eden was one of the fairies from the new tinkerbell movies named rosetta and ezri was princess tiana. i must say they were absolutely adorable (but i'm a little bias).