Sunday, May 3, 2009

little sister

Eden is 18 months old this weekend and I thought I'd share a little about our sweet babe at 18 months. I can't seem to figure out where the time has gone! She is our little bundle of joy and silly's. She's constantly trying to make us laugh, loves to dance, and tries to be just like big sister.

We can't get over what a precious addition she is to our family, she as truly completed it, it's hard to imagine life without her. Little E, as we call her, is in constant motion all the time and it's a rare occasion that we see her walking...she's usually running, or walking with a silly bounce in her step bobbing her head. She loves animals and is often telling us about a cow and then mooing or crawling around barking and playing puppy with Ezri.

She's talking so much and beginning to put more and more short sentences together. If she's not saying words we understand she's talking in her own little language anyway (Ezri always seems to know what she needs though)! Some of her words we've decoded....wawy (water), mees (come with me), I'nno (I don't know), flowy (flower), pees (please), ya you (love you)...are just a few. We've entered into the "mine" phase and just recently has been grabbing things saying mine or saying "my mommy" "my daddy", etc.

Eden loves to read and if we can't find her she's usually sitting by the bookshelf in the playroom with a heap of books in her lap. She's really interested in the potty and runs to the door yelling "potty" after she's gone in her diaper, we're figuring out the concept :) so maybe approaching potty training soon...cross your fingers. She's recently attached herself to a little pig we call Petal and little play ipod that plays only Wiggles songs. For some reason she can't have one with out the other, so we're trying really hard to make sure we keep both in sight most of the time.

We just put a big girl bed in her room with Sister and she's thrilled about it, tonight is night three and it's seems to have made things easier at night for our girls who tend to not do the best at night. Ezri and Eden have a true little bond that just fills our hearts, they play so well together and Levi and I love how common we hear the two of them laughing together in the playroom! I love this age of discovery and all that she is taking in.

Our sweet Eden, we love and cherish you! Thank you for being ours!

The video was one of our many dance nights and Eden started singing to one of the Dave had us cracking up and you can't ignore our Ezzy dancing in the background!