Wednesday, April 29, 2009

teasley tea time

Ezri got a new little tea set for Christmas and we've been promising her we'd have a real tea with real tea and treats. So during spring break we had a family date night and made lemon bars together, then set up the girls play table. Daddy put on "tea appropriate" music, lit candles, and gave us each new names. I think we laughed most of the time, but made a great memory!

2009 Easter

With spring approaching and new life budding all around, it's such a reminder of the new life we've been given in Christ through the sacrifice He made for us. I love celebrating Easter. This year Levi and I were able to host our families at our house! Ezri loved the idea of everyone coming to our house and got really into decorating. It was fun to build new traditions with our girls! Thursday before Easter girls and went for a walk down the trail to collect branches and pretty things to decorate our table. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. Friday, Pop Pops (or Poppy as Eden says) came over for dinner and we decorated Easter eggs...boy was that interesting with Little E! Church was beautiful on Sunday and we had a great time with family, ate way too much food, and enjoyed watching the girls hunt for eggs!

catching up through pictures

So....I've been terrible about blogging lately and decided today that I couldn't let it go any longer and have given myself the afternoon to catch up. Here are some pictures recapping February and March...
Girls into Mischief
Eden discovering the world of coloring on the walls...and all over herself
Ezri was a "sugar swumps" sales woman, apparently sugar swumps are little noodle shaped worms that people eat. What can I say that pose had me hooked.
Valentines Day
Princess valentines were a must; Ezri was getting ready for her class valentines party and wrote her name all by herself on each valentine:)
Eden and I were able to join Ezri for her party at school. Little Sis loved feeling like a big girl!
Nanz 50th Surprise PartyMy Mom turned 50 in February. My Dad, Brother, and I planned a surprise party for her...we were pleased to see she had no idea! It was truly a special day celebrating her and all she means to us!
Eden's 1st bike ride
Look at that smile, I think she's enjoying herself!
Our sweet little friends Karis and Avery come play often...the girls adore them and they always have a great time together...I think they were watching Tinkerbell...
Ezri and her buddy Sydney were busy at work painting the playhouse with wet troll clever
One of my closest friends Brooke and her two little girls came for a visit from Spokane. Halle, Faith, and Ezri were busy digging up carrots left over in the garden from last year.
The Zoo
We've made it a tradition since Ezri has been old enough to visit the zoo during spring break. We had a blast this year especially because Eden was old enough to take it all in. Our highlights were the wrestling grizzly bears and the dancing elephant.

On the potty already? seventeen months our little miss independent wants to be like Big Sis and sit on the far we've made it two times...yippee!

Well, Hello Dolly!

My Mom got my Sis Anna and I tickets to go see Hello Dolly at the 5th Avenue in Seattle! It was an amazing show and an incredible day! It was so fun to spend time with two of my most favorite people and it was the first time I had spent a whole day away from Eden! It was nice to have a little Mommy time, thanks girls!!

Student of the Week

The first week of April Ezri was student of the month at preschool. She got to create a collage all about her and brought in special treats for her class! We are very proud of our little preschooler.

(Easter and some other silly Teasley stuff yet to come)