Thursday, November 20, 2008

snuggling sisters

Usually in the morning when Levi's getting ready for work, Ezri comes running into our bed and I usually have Eden in with us already (nursing). This is how the two girls ended up this morning...nothing like snuggling with your sister!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

our little cheerleaders

Ezri loves to pretend she's a cheerleader (I shouldn't say pretend...she really says she is one)! Eden loves to whatever Big Sis is doing...enjoy the cheer leading show! Make sure to check out Eden's "jumps"!(You might want to turn off the music below before you play the video)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was tagged a while ago...I'm supposed to share 6 things about myself that you might not know! It's taken me so long to write because I've had a hard time coming up with things, but here we go, I'll give it a try!

1. I love having a warm favorite is a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks (they have peppermint whip cream)! The best part is when the holiday cups come out...I get excited about silly things! It's usually a treat for me to buy a drink and I often reuse my cup, just because I like how it feels in my hands!

2. Play, play, favorite way to spend free time with Levi is to do something active. I love to play soccer together, pass the football or baseball, water ski or jet ski, shoot name it...I just really enjoy doing those physical things that get your heart rate up! I've recently gotten into biking and enjoyed riding the girls around this fall in the bike cart. I'd love to pursue rock climbing a little thing we get to take advantage of at the high school (they have a rock climbing wall). I'm looking forward to snow and snowshoeing as a family this year! It's been hard to adjust those activities with having kiddo's and I never feel like we play enough, but now we just try and approach it from a different angle!

3. Popcorn is my favorite treat. I try and find any reason to make it, so we have lots of movie nights! (But it has to be the homemade microwave)!

4. I'm terribly afraid of heights. I know hard to believe if I like rock climbing, but there is a safe feeling when you are in a harness! The older I get the more nervous heights make me...Levi thinks it's funny and often teases me...thanks babe! It makes me a bit of a nervous Momma therefore I hover over the girls, especially walking up stairs, taking an escalator, etc.

5. Art is my passion! I love to create and especially paint. I never really have time for it or don't really make time! It's not realistic with two young babes, but if we had an extra room in our house I would make it an art studio!

6. I really enjoy cooking, but can't stand the smell or really the feel of raw meat. If I cook a whole bird, usually Levi cleans out the insides for me. I get over it because I have to, but in a perfect world I wouldn't have to touch it before it's cooked!

So I'm supposed to tag someone Anna, Molly, Erin, Tracy, and Brooke I tag you!

Our big girl

Eden had her 12 month well child check up today. She's 24lbs (90%) and 30 inches long (between 70-90%). Dr. Larson just said she's a proportionate, big girl! Everything else is great...thank goodness for healthy babes!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Party Time!

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Ezri and Eden! It was Eden's actual birthday and Ezri's is on December 4th. But considering they are so close together, we celebrated both girls!

Ezri wanted a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party, which was fun! We were so blessed by our family and friends that came to celebrate with us! Ezri blew us away with a truly thankful heart, she made sure to tell everyone thank you for her gifts and hugged each one without any prompting! We were so proud of her!

Eden was a little timid with her birthday cake, but in the end she dove right in...frosting everywhere! She was not to into the present thing, but love carrying around my Teta Camille's cell phone; it was all we could do to pry it away from her! We had a really fun day, and felt so thankful for all the incredible people in our lives!

our BABY turns 1

Yesterday was Eden's first birthday! I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone. She is our little joy and has made our family feel complete! What a beautiful blessing this past year has been with her in our lives!

Looking back:
We took Ezri trick-or-treating last year and I was so ready for our little bundle to arrive! I had hoped that all the walking would kick labor into gear! Eden was due on November 1st, which was a Friday. No huge labor signs had showed up yet, I had been walking around at 3+ cm for the past month, so my Mom took Ezri and I to lunch that day and I just had a sweet time enjoy the last few days being a parent to one!

Friday night, I started having heavier contractions, but my labor took so long with Ezri that I figured we still had a ways to go! We went to bed and I tried to rest. Around midnight I thought I felt my water break, but wasn't sure. Levi assumed that things were still going to take a while so he told me to try and keep resting, but although I tried contractions were getting stronger and heavier! I managed to make it until 5:30am and could take it no more, I told Levi that we had to go to the hospital now! My Mom came over to stay with Ez and off we went. Once they had us in a room and Dr. Larson came and checked me, I was 7cm! (If there's a next time, I won't let Lev tell me to keep resting...ha...ha)

I asked for an epidural and we had to wait for the anesthesiologist to come in from somewhere else. Thankfully she showed up about an hour later and I had a little relief! Around 12:00, I felt like I just had to start pushing, everyone kept saying that I should just try and rest....again because of my previous labor, I pushed for 4 hours with Ezri). Needless to say I was ready, they called the Doc and he checked me and I was ready to push! I had myself so geared up for another long haul, but our sweet Eden JoAnna showed up at 12:36! She weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 19 inches long.

We were so shocked that she was a girl. We had chosen to not find out what we were having, but the nurse kept referencing boy...we thought she maybe slipped because it was indicated in our charts! Eden was such a surprise...and a true delight, just as her name means! Boy could she scream, but was such a great sleeper!

It was so precious to get to show her to Ezri. All throughout my pregnancy Ezri was sure she was having a baby brother. The week before Eden was born, she started telling us she was having a sister...and very adamantly I might add! I love how the Lord prepared her heart and what sweet sissy's they are now!

Daddy, Momma, and Sister are so thankful to have you in our lives! You bring us joy by your silliness! We are touched by the way you snuggle, and love how adventurous you are! We pray over this year ahead that the Lord would guide and protect you, that he would cultivate a heart in you for him. We pray that God you give you a special relationship with Ezri and that your bond would be unbreakable! We love you sweet baby!

We celebrated yesterday with family and to come...Eden loved her cake...hee...hee!


From downtown, to Pizza Hut, and on to houses, our girls had their share of excitement on Halloween! Ezri decided she wanted to be a princess and wore her Ariel dress (which we already had) we managed to pull together a fairy costume for Eden out of the dress-up also. Yippee, no money spent on costumes this year! Levi had a football game in Toppenish Friday, so missed all the excitement, but Nanz and Uncle Matty and Auntie Anna willingly jumped in to help out with the fun!

We trick-or-treated downtown first and then went to pizza with Nana (Ezri now calls her Nanz which I think has stuck). My sweet bro and sis met us and we headed for our friends neighborhood, which is primo trick-or-treating (close houses in a safe, small block = lots of candy in a short amount of time)! Of course Matt and Anna's dog Grommet was with us and that added to the fun for Ezri...she loves him!

Eden was pretty cute, she followed Big Sissy's lead, walked up to the doors, knocked and waited. She even tried to let herself into a few homes...too cute!

After trick-or-treating, we came back to the house and got to have some really special time with Matty and Anna! It was a sweet, relaxing evening...we all crashed in the girls room (Eden in her crib, Matty on the floor, and Ezri, Anna, Grommet and I and Ezri's bed). We just visited, laughed and enjoyed each other! I cherish my bro and sis, and our time was a true blessing!