Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bedtime prayers

Last night, as the girls are getting in lost in the mass of pink and yellow covers in their beds, they are chatting away telling me what we need to pray for before sleep.

Our little Eden's standard prayer requests are for Dadda, Mommy, and Sissy as well as the animals at the zoo, usually a specific animal. Last nights selection was leopards and hippos. Our new favorite request is to pray for chicken nuggets...not sure all she means in that, but cute none the less (treasures I keep in my heart)!

Our Ezri on the other hand - true to her character - has big issues she needs to address with the Lord, often precious thoughts for Grandparents we don't see often, or a friend. Last night Ezri said "Mom, we should pray for the people that had the earthquake."

We haven't talked about Haiti in a while. I love that she has a desire to help hurting people and remembers what happened. Ezri went on to tell me "We need to pray for those kids Momma, maybe there's one who doesn't have a family, maybe we should go and get one. We could adopt one Momma. If we adopted one, would we bring their car seat with us?"

As she chatted on about the kids, I just teared up. I love the tender awareness God puts in the hearts of children. Ezri prayed a precious prayer for "the people shaked by the earthquake." My prayer is that her heart is always soft and open to God's prompting and that Levi and I can learn from her heart as well!