Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Ezri had her first preschool field trip this week, a visit to the pumpkin patch! Eden and I got to come along too! It was super cold, but fun! We picked out pumpkins, get lost in a corn maze, and the girls ate pumpkin muffins Mrs. G made!

Where's the baby?

Our little comedian found a bag today and before I knew it she was hiding under it! Eden has such a funny little sense of humor; she waited quietly until I said "where is Eden?" before popping out! (Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry, she was moving too quick for me!)

So as you know this little one loves to get a rise out of us...this week we took a little outing to the dollar store. Eden was in the cart and Ezri was walking next to me. I bent down to help Ezri with something and when I stood back up Eden was where a fireman's hat. I have no idea where she grabbed it or when, but she managed to get it on her head! I was in cracking up! So of course we had to buy it, and Eden's actually been putting it on at home...too funny!


Ezri has a little brown dog that she carries with her everywhere, I mean everywhere. Ezri even keeps her in her backpack while she's at preschool. Ezri decided to name her dog Russ, and of course Russ is a girl. Russ is Ezzi's special little friend, and one day last week she was outside with the wagon, the sled, blankets, books, and Russ. Ezri was tucked into the wagon reading and Russ was tucked into the sled behind her reading too! I watched out the kitchen window while Ez was playing and she'd get up and turn the pages of Russ' book and make sure that Russ was doing everything that she was. What a sweet little imagination...I don't know what we'd do if we ever lost Russ!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Look Daddy's favorite...."

I was at Albertsons today getting some french bread for dinner (and hit some of those great deals you mentioned Abby). We were walking down the one of the aisles and Ezri yells...yes yells..."Look Momma it's Daddy's favorite beer!" I was so embarrassed, like Daddy's always drinking or something! Grandpa Leonard had given Levi a case of lime Bud Light for his graduation present...I know we laughed too...So Ezri had seen the box sitting in the garage! Anyway I explained to Ezri that we don't yell about things pertaining to alcohol because Momma gets embarrassed! Like an almost 4 year old is supposed to know what beer is anyway!

pumpkins and playtime

We planted pumpkins this summer and ended up with about 22 little ones in our garden after Ezri's last count! I've been promising Ezri that we'd decorate some soon...this morning we did and Ezri created Kendra! She drew a face on her and then cut out legs, arms, and a crown...too cute! She's been playing with her pumpkin since!

Ezri took a picture of her pumpkin too...great picture Sister!Playtime:
Ezri and Eden have been playing together a lot lately, which melts my heart to watch! The other day I came into the playroom and Ez had Eden all made-up in dress up clothes! Eden had a big smile, you could tell she felt like a big girl!
Ezri decided to play beauty shop on another occasion (which we do a lot because of Jamma). She had Eden in the rocking chair combing her hair. Eden loves books and is always carrying around one, she had Cinderella in her hand that day and was sitting looking at her book while Big Sis did some styling! Got to love it!
I just enjoyed these pics and thought they'd deserved to be shared!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy "Prosserversary"

Last night Ellensburg High School played their rival football team...Prosser! Prosser for those of you who aren't from the Burg, has a pretty tough football program and it is the goal every season to BEAT PROSSER! Well even though the Bulldogs held their own last night they lost in the last few minutes of the game...but will most likely have a chance to try again in post-season play!

Anyway...last night was what Levi dubbed our "Prosserversary." Ten years ago during Levi's senior year and my junior year of high school, after his Prosser game (which was a neck and neck loss as well), Levi asked me to be his girlfriend. Ooooooooo! I don't really remember all he said, but he walked me out to the car after the dance that followed the game and said something to the extent of "I've been having fun with you and would like to keep hanging out." We've been together since and the rest is just history I suppose!

Happy Prosserversary Babe!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


okay last post for today...

We had our good friend's, Scott and Abby's two youngest daughters over this morning to play...Karis and Avery!

The girls had so much fun playing together and it was Eden's first little play date! Just wanted to share a few of the pic's of the girls playing outside. They were washing the playhouse and kitchen! Ezri and Karis of course were in dress-up, but Karis had a wardrobe change in the middle!


So...we've hit a few neat stages in the growth of our girls this past week!

I'll start with Eden. She's such a sweet, yet fiery little thing with crazy determination! She's been trying to walk for the past three weeks, taking at most about 7 steps at time. I think we're pretty much there...Eden walks from one piece of furniture to the next all through the house. You can just see how proud she is of herself, and she is trying so hard to keep up with sister! We can't believe we have a little one walking at 11 months...way to go girl! Eden is also climbing everything, the dishwasher when it's open, the little rocking chair, and even toys to get on the play table...yikes! She's been talking a little more too, I was holding her while making dinner this week and said "hot" as we were by the stove, and she said "hot" right back. So we've now added that to her list of words: dog, Dad, Mama, sis, Ez, and hi!

Here's a short video of her walking from Ezri's tent to the couch...sorry it's sideways...I learned my lesson and will hold the camera horizontally next time!

Ezri and I had some time together on Sunday. I was the parent helper in her Sunday School class and Levi stayed home with Eden who had the sniffles. We had fun in class and then decided to stay for the next service for worship. The service was structured a little differently than normal and communion was offered during worship, for you to serve yourself and go when you felt led. I explained to Ezri what communion was (the best I could in kid terms) we talked about how Jesus died for us and how he lives in our hearts...that of which she'd heard before. I told her she didn't have to take communion but could if she wanted and she did. We sat together and I had her repeat after me as we took the bread and juice. I was a teary mess because it was so precious. After that she just snuggle me while we finished worship. On the way home, I asked Ezri more questions to make sure she understood what we had just done and explained if you believe in Jesus then you can ask Him into your heart to be in charge of your life. We'd talked about it before (Ezri asks lots of questions) but she didn't want to ask Jesus into her heart then. On Sunday she was so precious, driving home from church she repeated after me (in kid words) and told Jesus that sometimes she does yucky things, to forgive her, and asked Jesus to live in her heart! The water works continued for me! We celebrated by getting donuts!

I know she's still a little young to understand completely what it all means, but Sunday night as we were praying at bedtime, we asked her what she was thankful for and she said "that Jesus lives in my heart."

Oh, the hearts of children...I suppose that is why God asks us to come before Him with childlike hearts!