Friday, August 6, 2010


that is how i find myself today...thankful! thanful for the beauty of God's creation, thankful for the mini-blessings He lays in my lap everyday, thankful the amazing man He gave to me, thankful for the spirited little girls He gave to me to raise, thankful for my lack of perfection and shortcomings...they are pulling me toward Him...refining.

this past year was hairy, i've titled it my "learning year." i was far from the momma, wife, sister, and friend i desired to be, but found that Gods grace was abundant and His peace sufficient in the midst of my overcommitments. i'm thankful for new beginnings, because his grace is new every morning and it's a new morning.

thank you Lord for where you've placed me, for the joy in my heart, for allowing me to try again- you are the potter and i am the clay...mold me.