Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7 years...the perfect number

On Monday we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! We both agree that each year has brought us closer together than we ever imagined we'd be! However, the past year has to be the best yet...7 is the perfect number! There is no greater joy then spending life with your best friend!

We went for a walk on Monday an were reminiscing of the past 10 years we've been together! We laugh because our story sounds like it should be in a cheap made-for-TV-movie: We started dating in high school, Steph had to make the first move...Levi was very shy in high school. Steph was a junior and Levi was a senior. Our first date was a Central Football game and we went with Levi's best friend Tyler! How appropriate to start our relationship with football! The rest is history- football captain married homecoming queen (how embarrassing to write). We stayed in our hometown to go to College and were married at ages 19 and 21.

It's fun to look back together and see where the Lord has taken us. We can't wait to see where He takes us in the future!

Monday, July 28, 2008

hip hip hooray!

Levi had his defense for his masters degree this morning and he passed! Hip hip hooray! I'm bubbling with pride, he's put so many hours of hard work into this over the last two years! I couldn't have asked for a more amazing and committed husband! I am honored to be his!

we're going on a mole hunt

Ezri spent some time with Pops yesterday helping him around the house! Pops' yard seems to attract an amazing amount of moles, in spite of the frustration it's rather comical the way the moles continue to show persistence. We laugh because as soon as he's seems to have them under control, a new hole shows up! Like a scene from Caddy Shack, Pops plans a new strategy and the moles seem to have a ready defence. Ezri helped put in a trap and another gadget...cross you fingers that it works this time! An added bonus was a wheelbarrow ride around the yard! Ezri holds a special place in her heart for her Pop Pops and she loves to be his little helper!

Friday, July 25, 2008

a playful week

This week has been extra fun, with so many precious, playful moments between the girls! It's so neat to see how they are playing more and more together!

Ezri and Eden started drumming on the same bucket from the kitchen toys, as Ezri pounded the drum Little Sissy started was quite the show!!

Peek-a-boo! Ezri was playing outside in the princess tent and Eden was trying to keep up. Ezri decided that Eden was her cat and the two played house together...Eden was thrilled to have Sissy's attention!

I had the rare opportunity of some one-on-one time with Ezri while Eden was with Daddy! We went for a walk down the John Wayne Trail to collect rocks and other fun things! I think we came back with 5 lbs of rocks and every weed possible! I was carrying Ez on my shoulders home and we were singing "the Ants Go Marching" song. When we got the part "the ants go marching six by six and the little on stops to..." Ezri chimed in "tie his kicks." clever! It was a very special hour to share with my sweet little love!


We were sitting at the breakfast table this morning and Ezri looks over at me and says "Mommy...girls have bugachoobas." I asked what that meant and she said "Mommy, bugachoobas are boobies." What can I say, boobies will now forever be bugachoobas!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

wheels and waves

Oh, the looks on their faces were so proud! Both our girls figured out something new today and you could just see the feeling of accomplishment on their faces! Ezri attempted rollerblading with a pair we found at a yard sale, a bit big but lots of fun! Eden managed to pull herself up in the playhouse, just in time to wave a Daddy who was weeding the garden!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a lot of silly and a bundle of creativity

We started this blog in hopes of connecting us to family and friends! We feel like we're part of an official club now that we ventured in to the world of blogging!

So with that said, here we go:

Now that we've added another little girl to our family life is full of so much joy! Eden has joined her sister in keeping us on our toes and always laughing. She is a bright little cookie who is constantly trying to keep up with big sis, which for our enjoyment makes a lot of silly business around the Teasley house! Ezri, ever so into dress up, has sister at her toes for beaded necklaces and Cinderella dresses...all of which heads right to her mouth. A whole new world when your crawling! Eden loves dancing with Daddy, and oh boy can she eat! We've yet to discover a food that she doesn't devour! Eden has started a copy-cat game where she mimics sounds that we make...very silly...and she loves blowing raspberries (which keeps us a little wet). Her smile is big and bright, showing off her two new teeth, and we can't get over all her blond hair! But no one can make her laugh like her big seems there's already a deep connection between the two of them!

Ezri never ceases to amaze us with her creativity! She is constantly singing and especially enjoys making up her own of which she has both of us constantly singing. The words to her song go "win-a-nuna-parch-win-piney", which are sung to a tune of her own making! She loves to play with her little sissy and is usually Eden's mama, or doctor, or hairdresser! In the case she's playing doctor, we are instructed to call her Doctor cute! She has recently decided that she'd like to call Daddy Miss Relose, which sprung from pretending we were all sisters! Levi couldn't be a more fitted Daddy for this little one who is constantly wanting him to play, have a dance party, or throw her up in the air! She's loving swimming this summer and every spare moment we have we try an get up to Nana and Pops pool at the cabin! Wow...the tan this little one has is amazing!
What can we say, but that we are truly captivated by these amazing little girls!