Monday, June 8, 2009

"up daddy!"

running through the sprinkler

last FCA

Last week we had our final Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) huddle for the year. We Bar-B-Qued, played lawn games, had a fire and made smores, and celebrated our Seniors! The kids had a fun night and are great with the girls. A bunch of the boys ate in the girls little playhouse...Ezri thought it was great! FCA has been such a fun ministry for our family and it's neat to see how it's growing since we started a few years ago!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the ridge

Levi and I were able to escape a few Sunday's ago and hike the ridge together! It was so nice to have the time together...I think we do our best talking when we're hiking or walking! The wildflowers were just starting to was a perfect morning!

the garden and baby goats

Levi planting the garden with the girls. It's become something Ezri looks forward to every year! This was Eden's first time helping.

We had a BBQ with friends on Mother's Day at the Holt's house; they have baby goats and lots of other fun critters! They let the kids chase the goats around for awhile and Ezri still hasn't stopped talking about it!


where are the girls?
peek-a boo!

farm field trip

May 22nd Ezri had her preschool farm field trip. Levi took the morning off from school to take her and they had a blast! They saw baby cows and pigs, went on a big scavenger hunt, sat on the farm equipment, and went on a hay ride...all in all it was a really special day with Daddy!

Buddies...Wyatt, Jesse, Ezri, and Maddie

sweet baby animals

The whole group with Mrs. G

Jesse, Ezri and friend on the big tractor

Ezri and Maddie on the hay ride

walking on water

Ezri: "Momma, why could Jesus walk on water?"

Momma: "Because He is God and He can do anything...He made the water."

Ezri: With a big smile and a giggle "Momma, could He give me a piggyback ride?" (meaning while He's walking on water).

Oh, from the sweet mouths of babes!