Friday, September 10, 2010

first day

this week was an exciting week in the teasley house. we started soccer and kindergarten.

wednesday was our first soccer practice. i volunteered to coach and managed to rope my dad into helping...major time warp for him. our 1st practice was hysterical...we were only on the field for about a half an hour and had kids saying they were tired and needing to sleep, they were doing kart wheels and somersaults, picking grasss, just about everything but paying attention...way too funny! it's going to be a fun season with these little ones. tomorrow is our 1st game...should be interesting.

thursday was our first day of kindergarten. ezri is thrilled to be at valley view and has the most amazing teacher in the world...miss selzler. eden and i were able to stay and hang out with sister for the first part of class. miss selzler read us all "the kissing hand" which is a perfect book for anxious momma's and kiddo's getting ready to leave each other for the first time. we kissed each others hands, leaving reminders that our love goes with each other even when we're apart. ezri had an amazing day, had p.e., ate frog slime with flies in it for snack (mint, chocolate chip ice cream), saw her buddy jack at recess, and was sent home with her very own book to practice reading. she was so ready to head back today! i'm so proud of the little girl she is and is becoming. what a joy it is to be her momma!

ezri just seems like such a big girl all of the sudden. i wish i could freeze time, it all happening too quickly.

our lil' e had a rough time leaving sister, so we had a hot cocoa date and enjoyed some great one-on-one time together. i'm looking forward to spending mornings with eden. i get to see a new side of her with out sissy around. thank goodness school is only a half of a day, eden and i were ready by lunch time to have big sis around againg!

all in all, we're excited for what fall is bringing!