Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Boy

Life with 3...wonderful, full of laughter, never dull, joyful, busy, exhausting...I wouldn't change things for the world. I sure love my 3 amazing kiddo's, but there has been a bit of learning curve in figuring out how to manage each of them well. So blogging has been thrown to the way side a bit.
Our sweet boy is now 8 months old and such a delight! He is happy and easy going, which with two busy, loving sisters is a must. Sporting 4 big white teeth, chewing on things is a favorite pass time and oh the drool! Tru is all boy! He loves to make noise and the more physical you are with him the better. He is fascinated by the wheels on his dump truck and more than anything wants to be standing, so is pulling himself up on anything he can. Tru is not fully crawling, but manages to propel himself forward to get where he needs to go. Still preferring momma's milk, we're trying new foods little by little. Our boy is definitely getting all he needs, weighing in at whopping 22 pounds! He giggles before he eats just like the girls and his strawberry blond hair is starting to sport big curls. Tru eye's are green just like the rest of us and they sparkle and dance when he smile and laughs. He's a snuggle bug and shows his affection by holding your face or rubbing his hand across you and loves to head but...maybe he's showing that linebacker potential already.
This boy has melted our hearts, can't believe 8 months has already passed!

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