Monday, June 6, 2011

highlights from the past 7 months

Not sure where to begin after a 7 month lack in here are the highlights!

  • We found out in the fall we are expecting baby Teasley #3

  • Ezri turned 6 in December and had her tonsils out at the end of the month...was grueling but now she sleeps like a champ, has sprouted up, and I think has hallow bones because we can't keep up with her appetite

  • Found out in February that baby Teasley #3 is a little boy...we were a little doubtful, but he clearly wanted us to see that he is ALL boy. We are so excited, a whole new world in the Teasley out girls

  • In March we purchased the house Levi grew up in and began a long and intense remodel project...all thanks to Pop Pops and amazing friends for helping us

  • March also was the start to Levi's 1st season as head soccer coach at EHS. He had an amazing season...made it to the second round of state. First time EHS "man soccer" as we are now calling it has made it to state since 1986. And to brag about my hubby, he was nominated coach of the year...couldn't be prouder of him.

  • After soccer ended we had one week with Daddy home, just enough time to get us moved to our new house over Memorial Day, and now we are back into football mode with the start of spring ball

  • Still sitting in unpacked boxes due to a torn muscle in my tummy from being Mommy and working hard to get the house finished

  • Ezri will be ending her kindergarten year next week and Friday we are celebrating with a class Luau and program...lots of Hawaiian songs and hula dancing these days

  • This past weekend my beautiful friend Melissa took family and pregnancy photos for us...she did an AMAZING job...thanks dear friend

  • At 33 weeks prego, looking forward to school coming to a close and anticipating baby boy July 22


anna said...

oh, dear sister, what beautiful photos of a beautiful family. so good to read your updates. you are inspiring me! can't wait to see you soon. xo.

andrea said...

congrats steph! I cannot wait to tell Dusty that Mr. Levi is expecting a boy! Or maybe he already knew...not sure. He isn't the best when it comes to relaying info ;) Cant wait to hear all about the lil man's arrival! Will be praying for you guys!

M and E said...

What an awesome update! I haven't visited your page in awhile, and am sooo excited for you! Congrats on expecting a new baby boy! :) And wonderful news about Levi coaching the EHS Man Soccer!

Good luck with all the new endeavors!

Big Hug,

PS. I adore the photo of you laying down with all hands on belly. Awesome picture!